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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Table settings are a favorite thing of mine.  I don't set a pretty table for every meal, but I do love to set a pretty table for special meals like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.   Of course weddings and parties of any sort are a delightful reason to decorate a table to create a beautiful tablescape.
Look at this lovely table for two from Stone Gable
Throughout my blog one can find many beautiful tablescapes that others have created, and that have inspired me in some way.  There are many different looks, and each has something special to offer.
Many times it's what's on the table that makes the look, so check into post labels like these: 
There are other great elements that can help make a beautiful and appealing tablescape. 
Those things might include
A different sort of tablescape would be
and don't forget the tablescape looks that can be found in
and even Picnics
I have collected a few other tablescapes in my Pinterest Board -

Most of the things you see in my Pinterest boards are not included here in My Stuff Room blog.

Feel free to take a look -
Tablescapes, Centerpieces, Other Misc. Table Components
That board includes things new
(lovely glasses)  Amazon.com: 4-Piece Set Of Juice Drinking Glass 4 Colors And Etchings Glasses set of 4: Kitchen & Dining
and things used
beautiful vintage setting
Individual items
100 mini wooden spoons for crafting, stamping, painting, making tag. $11.00, via Etsy.
and a collection of items that help create the overall look
pink and burlap
They can be indoor or outdoor.

I love a beautiful tablescape indoors or outdoors. 
For more outdoor tablescapes check out my
There are a few more ideas for buffets on my
Buffet and Dessert Displays Board
There is beauty all around!  It's out there waiting to be found!

or maybe it's inside waiting to escape ...

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