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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Family Reunions

Family reunions bridge generations and remind us of our roots.

Don't you just love a good family reunion?

Here is a list of links that have some great ideas for planning a family reunion (check them all - they are all different):

40 Amazing Ideas from Echoes of Laughter

Planning a Family Reunion from the Party Pail Blog
I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun idea for a family reunion, especially for the evening fun.

 Make a family reunion quilt, like this one from
Creative Chicks at Play


How about a family letter as seen on Pinterest
Created for our Family reunion: wooden letter, photos & modpop

Souvenir books idea here
Article:  Family Reunion Ideas: Spruce up your family reunion souvenir book  #family #familyreunion
 I planned and presented at our 2010 reunion.
There is a tab for the agenda too, if you are interested.

One more thing -

We just learned about Kubb.  It's been around, but not in our yard until recently.  It's a fun yard game one of our sons just taught us. We thought it would be a great game for our next family reunion.

 Learn about the game at Kubb Spiel (after you translate the page).

Kubb Spielanleitung:  Wurf A1

The Best Backyard Games shares a great list of yard games, and includes Kubb in it's list.

Kubb Game Original Red King


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