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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fabric Storage

A great look from Cameras and Chaos.

The drawers are still in this unit - and the fabric is in the drawers. From Sew Mama Sew

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 An entertainment center repurposed as a sewing center. From Mia Dolce Originals


Did you notice the fabric was stored vertically in the previous photo?  That way you don't have to lift the whole stack to get to the bottom piece.

Here is another vertical storage from Mommy by day, Crafter by night.


Tag your pieces of fabric to know what size each piece is.  Write in pencil to change it each time you use it.   We don't always use one single piece of fabric when sewing, so it is a good idea to write a short description of the fabric on the tag so when you take it off you know where to place it again.
 This great idea comes from Bloom.


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