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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Turquoise Lemonade

Hello Naomi had a cute Peter Rabbit themed party with this fun turquoise/aqua lemonade.
 I love the soft soothing color of the drink and
I love the cute little glass bottles.

I wanted to know more about each - the bottles and the drink - so I went looking.

Here is what I found -

The bottles are little Italian nectar bottles - sold in Australia.
This photo is from Sweet Style Blog

Here are a few places I have seen these bottles:
Jus de Pommeraie
Santa Vittoria

These are a similar look from Amazon

Before I knew about the nectar bottles above I purchased Frappuccino just so I could have some cute little bottles - I dumped the contents, removed the label, and washed the bottles, just for the bottles.
Costco often has them on sale for less than a dollar a bottle and you can't buy empty bottles for that price.

The Yoga bottles at Amazon are less than a dollar each until you pay shipping on them, but maybe they sell them in stores around here somewhere.   I haven't looked!

 I sprayed the outside of the lids black and have used them a few times.  They are fun!

The drink - the turquoise drink in those cute little bottles is hand squeezed lemonade with a drop of blue coloring.  The yellow of the lemonade mixed with the blue made such a refreshing color.
That sounds easy enough to make almost any color of lemonade.  Hmmm!  What party color might I be using in the future?
I also found a blue lemonade drink recipe from  Bee in Our Bonnet

Cooks.com has a couple yummy sounding recipes for blue punch here and here,
but they don't show the colors. 


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