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Friday, March 1, 2013

Door Knobs for Coat Hooks - My Favorite Coat Rack

Today's favorite thing is our door knob coat and hat hooks.

Regular hooks seem to poke holes in or misshape clothing hung on them - I don't like that too well, though I do have and use some of those kinds of hooks for the work clothes in the mudroom hallway. 

 My favorite however are these cute sports ball knobs that we put in our hallway by the kids bedrooms.
They have been there for many, many years and still look great, except one is loose, but still holds a hat just fine.  You can see that they are a bit used, but that's not bad ..., not bad at all.

They are perfect for holding jackets and coats and hats.  The clothing stays put on them better and they do not create holes or misshapen clothing.
And, they are cute when nothing is hung on them. 
And just a couple weeks ago when I was cleaning the office, we decided to make a coat rack for the work coats in the office.  We re-purposed some old door knobs we had stashed away ..., all different styles ...,  and I'm happy to give them a new, more usable and purposeful home, not to mention that I like having a place for those coats and hats in the office (and there will be one more coat and hat when our man at work comes home).

I changed the color tone so you couldn't see how dirty those coveralls are. ;)  After all ..., they are work coats.
The door knobs are all brass colored knobs, and the wood is honey oak, just like those used for the sports balls ..., it's actually re-purposed too.  It was backspash that was removed years ago when we put tile in our kitchen. 
 These worked so well, I might have to change out those hooks in our mudroom hallway and put up door knobs in their place.  Have to talk to the boss about that one. :)  He does all the work.

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