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Friday, March 8, 2013

Decorating Eggs

Here are some fun egg coloring ideas from my paper files.
Note that some of these should not be used on eggs that will be eaten, so try blowing the egg out first or using plastic or wooden eggs to create these looks, and that way they will last for many years.
From Woman's Day magazine April 2008

From Woman's Day, but I'm guess much older.

From The Friend / March 1986

From American Girl

 The following ideas are from Family Fun, (any pages that I can see dates on say 2005).
  I searched their site a couple days ago for Easter Eggs and came up with 338 results  and that number keeps growing, so there might be more today.  I didn't look through all of their results, but what I did see were pretty cute.


Here is a sight (not from my paper files, but worthy of mention) for more fun egg coloring ideas :

18 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs at Ucreate (some of them are similar to the above pages).
18 Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs u-createcrafts.com
 How to Decorate Easter Eggs u-createcrafts.com


and one more addition I found from Thistlewood Farms - tea stained eggs

Egg Decorating Project


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