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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Lovely Wedding

I thought this wedding from Every Last Detail had a few great looks to save.
I love the lights strung around the outdoor area and the chandelier at center stage.
Vintage Elegant Pink and Gray Wedding
Of course, I always love a good outdoor lounge area like this
Vintage Elegant Pink and Gray Wedding
I love plates already at the table, but I also see the need to keep them at the buffet to plate up or in the kitchen to fill and serve. Unless you have the food at each table to be passed around, it seems that plates at a table just don't do the trick quite as nicely. Therefore, a charger that remains on the table is a perfect way to add color and design to any table setting no matter how the food is served.
Vintage Elegant Pink and Gray Wedding
Here is another view of the tables and a lovely window frame strung up with tags.
Vintage Elegant Pink and Gray Wedding

This is from a different sight, but is a fun idea worth saving.
It comes from Dollar Store Crafts

Tutorial: Engagement Ring Bridal Shower Favors


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