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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wood vs White-Wash

Stuff I'm lovin'

Wood  (like I mentioned yesterday)
and paint
maybe even together!

I do love wood, and have wainscotting in my family room, but sometimes it seems too dark and I wish I'd paint it.  Hubby likes it too much to paint it, so I don't. 
I love wood - it's such a natural and earthy look, but it often feels like the room is falling in on you or like you're in a dark space and can't lighten it up with enough day light or lamp light. So, the next best thing would be to white-washed wood. It's a bit more bright and cheery. It livens up a room.  It's still earthy and natural.  I love it.
We have seen several pallet walls or partial walls, that I like, but when it comes right down to it, it's just so dark that I don't do it.  Here is a photo from a previous post of a pallet wall.

White-washing (or graying it) would be awesome.  This lighter look from House to Home Blog is a lovely room.

I just posted yesterday of a pallet walk way ..., and I love it, and would leave it natural (unpainted), but inside a home or lodge might be a different story for me.
I love the look of the pallets when they are white-washed.  Here is another photo, from Owen's Olivia, that shows the upper half done and the lower half not yet done, so you can kinda see a difference.


Just look at the paneling in this room, from Just a Touch of Gray, that was re-done with a white-wash

It went from this look (and feel) ...

to this look (and feel) ...

Can you breathe better?
The walls made enough difference that I could have left the fireplace brick unpainted and felt great.
It's quite lovely ...

Country Living showed a cabin that was done with light colored walls, - "Forgoing a dark stain, Houston pickled the planks himself, conjuring a color that evokes the innards of a tender sapling."

Read more: Salvaged Bulthaup Cabinets - Bobby Houston's Cabin Decor - Country Living

Another great look, where the ceiling is white-washed ..., oh, and the floors.  From Natural Decor.

or the whole room ...

These are justs the posts / beams, but are nicely white-washed, from Gypsy Purple.

... and these are logs of a cabin wall, white-washed or painted ..., definitely lightened up the place ...
found at decorology

and this look from HERE

and one more from Design Shuffle

Jackson Modern Master Bedroom Design by Grace Home Design, Inc.

This one, from Gypsy Purple,  is more painted than white-washed, but you can see that it's wood, and looks very nice.

and this one from NYDesignGuy


Here is an awesome pallet looking wall - in color.  I like it a lot!
Found at Apartment Therapy



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