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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why Do I Do That?

If this were my garden/yard and event I would have cringed at the fact that the leaves are still in the corners and on the greenery, and yet I love the look in this photo.  Well, I love the leaves in the corner, but on the greenery still bothers me a bit.

Why do I do that? 

I want to sweep or rake up the leaves because it looks cleaner, but I love to see photos of fallen leaves in the yard or the lane or lining pathways. Like this from here -

It's naturally beautiful. Do I like what I don't like?  Why do I do that?

When the snow comes in the winter I always wanted the kids to play in the back yard and leave the fallen snow natural and clean in the front yard, without tracks, because I love the look of snow without blemish. I tried hard to keep it that way for years, but sometimes I would give in, or the kids would get out the front door before I could encourage them otherwise.  Why do I do that?

When they did play in the front yard I would still enjoy the view.  I love to look into the yard and see the tracks in the snow and snowmen or angels or forts created, all evidence of children I love, playing and having a good time in one of God's awesome creations. 

I do still get bothered if there is yellow snow or animal droppings on the clean snow. Just saying!  That is no fun to play in or look at.

Why do I do that? 

Why do I love the look of a room or a house in a photo, would love to have one just like it, but could never live there every day of my life?  What's up with that?

Why do I love old and chippy paint but if I have something old and chippy I find the urge to paint it clean and new again.

Is it because of some OCD problem I have?  Is it this perfectionist thing I do where I want things perfect, even though I don't always get them that way?  Maybe it's just that I love too many things and too many styles.  Or maybe I want it ALL.  What is it?  Why do I do that? 

I don't always understand me, but I'm trying.  If anyone has an answer to why I do that, I'd love to hear about it.  Maybe it would help me figure me out.

Okay, here is an update photo because I just saw it at Aiken House & Gardens right now - It is such a beautiful look. 

But ...,  I would have had everything in the house and out of the weather so this couldn't happen.  Look what I would have missed.  Snow really can be beautiful in many ways.


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