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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Faith, Family, Freedom

 "Christmas is a time for families and for reflecting on the birth of the Savior"

"We live in a Christian nation, and this season of the year has most of us turning to the New Testament to read the real story of the mortal mission of our Lord and Savior."
"It is the season to celebrate His birth."
“So again, ... let the message of Christmas penetrate our hearts and our souls on this most glorious occasion of all that brings us closer to our Savior,”

Faith, family and freedom, Elder Holland concludes, are “big issues inextricably linked with the hope and promise of democracy.” And they are “intertwined, interlinked, and interlocked so tightly that when one of them is struck, the other two are damaged; so that when one of them is cut, the other two will bleed.”

At the end of that Newsroom article there is a link to the full message.  If you click on that link and read the full message you will not be disappointed, but will indeed be edified.
(Jeffrey R. Holland is one of my favorite speakers, and the subject addressed here is among my favorite subjects. Faith and Family are most important, therefore the freedom of religion must remain ... free.)

Other messages on the freedom of religion:

- Religious Freedom  (includes more links and video presentations)

- “Just and Holy Principles”: An Examination of the U.S. Constitution,   By Arvo Van Alstyne

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