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Friday, November 29, 2013

Reusable Shopping Bag Cover Up

I purchased a couple reusable bags a few years ago when we stayed in Seattle for my husbands first stem cell transplant.  I used them many times, but usually only at the Safeway store.

We're back in Seattle and I'm using them again, but I have to take them everywhere I go unless I want to purchase shopping bags from every store I go in to.  It's the law!  It's so funny when the cashier asks if you want to purchase a bag, when you've just purchased clothing or food and need a way to get it to your car. The grocery store asks before they ring up your food, so they know how to bag it. They thank the past mayor.

I don't like advertising for other stores and I have a hard time using a bag that says Safeway in Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, or any other store.  I decided to do something to fix that.  I didn't have a sewing machine, but I did bring a little sewing kit, so I sewed it by hand.  Not perfect in size of stitch, but perfect in covering up.

Below the checkered fabric is a red printed SAFEWAY logo.  No one can see that now.

I like the look! 

Now I have one reusable Walmart bag that I'll have to fix too, but all I have is the black and white check fabric and I think I want something different on this one.

Fabric has been added to my shopping list, and covering this bag remains on my To Do list.

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