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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lovely Flowers and More

This lovely bouquet from Style Me Pretty is beautiful by itself, but has strands of pink beads laying beside it that adds so much more loveliness.

Aren't the colors so beautiful - soft and lovely pinks and whites.

I found some more lovely flower arrangements at Green Wedding Shoes
I love the addition of fruits (figs, pomegranates, pears, peaches, and the berries of course).  I Really Do Love This Look!

These colors are awesome, the place setting is wonderful ...

Of course I love the bottles ...

The drinks are even lovely aren't they!!!
I don't know what their drink is, but I would love this look with a Cran-Raspberry juice.  I'd love the look and the taste with those fresh berries.

And the cake is great ...

And this swing is awesome too ...


I've pinned a few other bouquets and arrangements on my Pinterest Board - Flowers, Bouquets ..., - take a look if you'd like.


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