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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Happy June 1st!
Today I share one of my favorite things - 
Readers (RSS Feeds)
are a favorite thing of mine!

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A bit about the past:

To be more specific, Google Reader was such a great place for me - I was so happy to find it - and it only took one day of using it to decide it was a favorite place of mine.

I loved having all my favorite blogs in one place to see at a quick glance.  It was awesome!
THEN they decided to get rid of it ...
WHAT?  Make me sad!
I was almost devastated when I learned it was going, going, gone!

but, I'm Movin' On!

When I heard the terrible news I immediately began looking for alternative reader options - I couldn't give up on readers completely.
I found a lot of them out there and that was really confusing for a while.

I read up about many other readers, and then I subscribed to a few, one at a time, to see if they might work for me. After some trial and error, learning how each worked and if it was something I could like and understand, I found the one I'm sticking with
 I decided that my new favorite is now 
Netvibes Official Logo.png

I said good-bye to Google Reader a couple weeks after I learned they were shutting it down and never looked back.  
I did like the info and stats about each blog that Google Reader offered, and I miss that a bit.  I think I could get that on Netvibes if I paid for it.  I kinda like the freebies though.

I do still have a bloglovin' account and still get the daily feed coming in to my email, but I haven't convinced myself that it is totally what I want.  I may end up canceling that account soon.

I continue with Netvibes, but I give bloglovin' a shout out because I know some people really like it and it is pretty good. 

If you have a favorite reader, I'd like to learn what it is and why you like it. I am still learning and maybe it will help me understand something a little better. 
Who knows, maybe Netvibes will end their reader someday too, and I'll need another place.

Oh Bother!

- update - June 28th -

I checked into Feedly when I was trying to find a new reader but I don't remember why I discontinued using it. It may have been one that was too confusing for me or maybe it was desktop only and I needed online so I could get to my reader even when I'm not at home. Whatever it was, it sent me away, but ...

I was recently informed of how great Feedly was and decided that I'd better check into it again.  When I "clicked" into Feedly my reader came up in an online Feedly "cloud", so I was very pleased.  I've used it a couple days now and I'm liking it.  I don't know if it changed or if I didn't do something right when I first signed up, or if I've learned a little since the first time, but it's better for some reason and it might become my new favorite.  But, I do still like netvibes and plan on keeping it for a while until I truly decide which I like best. 

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