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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fabric Yarn

 Have you heard of fabric yarn?  It's a first for me - I'm intrigued!
I have seen things like it, but never heard it called fabric yarn.

FreshStitches shares info about making your own fabric yarn.


One more at Craftsy


These fabric baskets from The Red Thread Blog look so fun! 
She shows how to make them, and I just might have to give it a try sometime.


Check out Heather Knitz Pattern Shop for fabric yarn projects like this lovely colored bag.

she also shares how to cut your fabric in one long piece here, which is much like the t-shirt post above.
I think fabric yarn is what these rugs (I purchased at Ross) are made of.
I love the colors in them.

And my most recent rug (also from Ross) - made a bit different - it is sweater fabric that creates this look that I love.

close ups

back side

I confess ... I bought it without having a place for it, but I loved it and wanted it and thought that I could put it over a trunk or other box for a great look, or even on a bale someday when we need more seating.  It was just so unique that I didn't know if I'd find another one like it anywhere again. I secretly hope that I do, and maybe it will find it's way to my home too.  ;)

For now, it hangs on my quilt rack ..., but not for long. 

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