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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lovin' this Stuff

Did I just find heaven?
Just look at these glasses ..., and sigh..., deep and out loud!  Go ahead!  I did when I saw them, and no one was here to hear me.  I'm still doing it!
Okay, I know it's not heaven, for I truly expect to feel more when I do find heaven (tears, not just sighs), but it is lovely to me.  I'm imagining that there are other sections of shelves with other colors of glasses, just as wonderful as these. Could there be?
casa de perrin
 This was in that same post at Green Wedding Shoes
The chair is fun (especially the color), but those braids are fabulous.  Love the texture.
And this too was there in that post, called The Cream Event - it's a great look.
It reminds me ...
bhldn shoes
... I saw these at Costco and bought them to try them - hey, it's Mother's Day, so I splurged.
Guess what?  They are good!  If you need a mint green, these are great.

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