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Monday, April 29, 2013

B-day Pancakes and Sprinkles Party Decor

We moved into our house 21 years ago today and often celebrate this day as our House's birthday.

So, what a fun time to try these birthday pancakes from Seeded at the Table
(FYI - I did make these for breakfast and they were yummy.  We only used cool whip for the topping because they were sweet enough. )

Birthday Cake Pancakes 2

pancakes for breakfast is only the beginning - 

Instead of a cake for dessert, a fun idea might be to have a cupcake or cookie bar (complete with ice cream) where the guests (or family) could decorate their own dessert with assorted sprinkles.

image from here

There are many fabulous parties with sprinkles:

Sprinkled with Love from KoJo Designs


Sprinkle with Sweetness from Sweet Designs

Sucker for Sprinkles Dessert Table


How to Make a Festive Sprinkle Bag or Hat from Tikkido

All of this reminds me of the cute Mini Milkshake Shooters with the glasses dipped in sprinkles from a post I did couple years ago.

(Another FYI - I didn't do any of this other stuff today - just the pancakes!)

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