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Friday, December 20, 2013

A Small Christmas Tree and a Wreath

Living in a tiny apartment away from home is a strange thing for me in many ways.  One thing I'm feeling right now is the difference in decorating for Christmas.  I have a half dozen things up and not much room for anything else.  (Though if I found something I couldn't live without I'd find a place to stuff it.)  :)  It's what I do!
I didn't want to bring décor with me and I didn't want to purchase anything like what I already have, so I tried to come up with another idea. I was hoping for something easy to purchase and easy to pack up and take home, something different, and something lovely.
Vintage hankies have been a favorite thing of mine for the last year or two, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that I thought of using vintage Christmas hankies to decorate my tree this year. (Actually, vintage anything attracts me.) 

I forgot to figure out what to do for a tree skirt but the presents we have hide it perfectly. The lights, pine cones, and vine were already on the tree, so vintage hankies and vintage knee hugger elves are the only things I've added to a tree this year.

I like it!  It looks better than the photos show, and it's lovely day or night. Those little elves are hanging around bringing Christmas cheer to the room.  They seem to be saying Merry Christmas! 
I think there are about 30 hankies tucked into the tree. 
But wait, I washed and ironed over 50 hankies ...
Well, there are a few that I didn't use.  A couple are Valentine print, a couple were just too pretty to stick into the tree, and one I sent ... Oh, shhh!  It's a secret!  It had a monogram on it and that letter reminded me of ..., well someone I love, so I sent it to her.
The other 16 hankies are decorating our front door - on a wreath I purchased from Target (because that is the only place I ventured this week that had a wreath.  Well, Safeway had some pretty wreaths but they were real pine boughs and I can't do that this year).

I added a star ornament (that was given to us as part of a Christmas gift).

It brightens the otherwise drab hallway and helps spread Christmas cheer to all who see it.

Christmas cheer is always good!
Merry Christmas!


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