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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin'

 A Grateful Heart Post

A Grateful Heart Thursday, where I share one positive thing that happened this week - a happy thing, a kind thing, a tender mercy, a small and simple something that happened, bringing a smile to my face and to my heart, helping me to recognize the hand of the Lord in every minute of my life.

A couple of our grandchildren picked a pumpkin from our garden.

I had been wanting to let them do that for several days now, and it fit perfectly into the day Saturday, even with all the other things on the To Do list. My heart is happy to do this.  Joy abounds!

I love giving these pumpkins to my grandchildren.  I wish all of them could be close enough to let them pick a pumpkin. 

Just a note:
You'll notice that weeding the garden never got to the top of the To Do list the last couple months.  I did however, get to weed the swing / bike box and the fence line of the corral, and they look a lot better. I have piles sitting around that will have to be taken care of later, but piles are better than growing weeds all over.


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