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Saturday, June 8, 2013

What do you do with a fork. A fork?

Silly question isn't it?
We eat with a fork!

You can press the crust of a pie with a fork.
You can mash things
or stir things
or pull things apart
and sometimes it can even cut things.
But don't stop there ...

I have used a fork to take out a knot.  It works nicely. 
Just push one of the end tines into the knotted area, hold the shoe lace (or whatever is knotted) between the tine and your thumb and try to pull it apart.  Try several places and soon it loosens and it's not a knot any more!
Google even supplied me with a photo (kind of) so I didn't have to take one myself.

I don't get the fork stuck through the knot the first time like this photo shows, but eventually I have always gotten the knot undone.  Some have been pretty hard, but I just had to be persistent. Baby steps ...

Maybe you want to tie a knot ... or a bow -  a tiny bow like this from Operation Write Home.
It looks like a fork can help you do that.

or use a fork to make a pom pom like this from Vivid Please

One last idea for a fork ...

this idea comes from Ariel ...

but you might have to call it a dinglehopper if you want it to work.

image from here

I'll bet a fork, when used as a dinglehopper might not perform as well as it does for making poms, but I haven't tried it for either ..., yet!

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