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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thrifting ...

You might have picked up on this before if you follow this blog - I have had a thing for assorted china plates for a while now ever ..., and when I go to town I often stop at a few thrift stores to check to see what they might have that I might want.
We have had many opportunities lately with my shopping schedule and doctor appointments that have kept me on the road a lot this last week or two.
I have found some awesome purchases - let me share some of them with you.
One very exciting purchase was this little saucer that was just like a set of plates my mother had when we were growing up.  Someone had given them a few plates when they got married.  My whole soul was filled with joy and excitement as I saw this little plate - I just had to buy it for memories sake.

Now remember - I went into the store looking for china plates to add to my collection, and to my great surprise I found several - and they were all a less feminine / more masculine look, so they were perfect for fathers day.  I failed at taking photos of the table and the plates, but my daughter did have her phone handy and took a few she shared with me.

Each plate had a gold or bronze or silver or other colored rim / design around them - only one had a flower in the center.  
Paired with some assorted stemware and glasses, they (and a couple more plates I already had) created a great Father's Day tablescape.  We kept it really simple (because our guys aren't into fancy and floral, etc.) - just added some slices of wood for hot pads down the center of the table.

I wondered if these plates used to be part of a display at a store somewhere.  It was so interesting to me that they were all single plates, all a masculine style, and each had a list of prices on the back - prices for sets of plates, for cream and sugar and saucers and cups and other pieces in a set, but there were no other pieces like them.  It was perfect timing for me, and I was a happy shopper!
In a different shop, but during the same trip to town, I found another awesome addition to the tablescape above.  It's not quite as noticeable, but it is perfect - just what I needed ... and wanted.
It's the little chair at the left of the table - metal frame with vinyl back and seat. (5 dollars.) I plan on re-covering it someday, but for now it has been cleaned up and is staying like it is.  It's a high (or tall) chair with a step in front of it, making it perfect for the grandkids. 
It frees up our highchair for the babies that need a front tray.
Only a few days after the above purchases I found a different store that I hadn't been to before, and my first visit proved successful.
I have admired some plates I've seen before and wished I could find such a beautiful plate.  Well, I found a design similar to I was looking for - not the size of plate I was hoping for, but it was so exciting that I purchased them anyway - seven large bowls, four small bowls, six small plates, two cups and saucers.  There is one more small bowl visible there too - another find from that store, but not part of this set. I am such a happy shopper!

This find was perfect timing too, because just as we set the box in the cart a lady came from behind me wanting to see them and promised she wasn't trying to take them away, but wanted to pick one up and look at it.  She was wishing she had been down that isle before we got there.  Do I feel guilty?  Um, not enough to let her have them, but I do feel sorry for her because I know how I would feel if it were the other way around. 
I am feeling so addicted ... to thrifting for china plates and glassware ... and anything else I might find! 
If I lived closer to town I might find myself checking in daily to see if they have any special finds.  It's probably a good thing I don't live close enough to do that ..., even weekly.  ;)

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