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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Angled Paint Brush

This is not a paid advertisement - it's just a review of one of my favorite things.
This is one of those things that I'm grateful for, because it makes life a bit easier in simple ways.

One of my favorite things is ...

Angled paint brushes

old, used, and loved
like this one that doesn't really work for the corners anymore, but I still loved using it for painting the furniture in my main bath(here).
or this brand new angled brush, just waiting for the next project.

The work so nicely when painting a different color against the ceiling or accent wall. It seems that the paint goes where I want it easier so that it makes a nice line meeting up with the different color.
They have a slight angle that also helps to keep the arthritis pain at a minimum while painting.
I'm not sure that I have a favorite brand, but I do pay a little more for these brushes than a regular paint brush.  They are worth it to me.


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