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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Garland

I thought I was done with my spring and Easter decor, but I added a bit bit more spring color to the room by putting garland on back of our bench.

My color selection was determined by the color of leftover pre-cut strips of fabric we had used in a previous craft (here).  I couldn't cut more strips if I already had some small pieces to use, so here it is.  It does add some fun color to the room, even though it still has some dark/brown color to it.  I am happy with it, especially since I used only what I had - this cost me no money, just time - about an hour.

and a little closer up

(FYI - after seeing my photo, I went and sagged my garland just a little more, and it looks better, but no time for another photo.  Just had to share that bit of info.)


I hesitate to show it, but this was my inspiration - found here - it's lovely isnt' it! So nice and cheery!

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