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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Love to Valentine Love

Christmas is over and for many the Valentine search has begun.
There are emails showing me that for the last few days people are searching and "Pin"ing Valentine things.  What a lovely holiday to jump into right after Christmas!
(can you guess that I just don't celebrate New Years Eve/Day much)
Christmas is LOVE!
Maybe I've said this before, but I'm saying it again - I love the Christmas movies/shows at this time of year, even though they all seem to have the same plot.
I love that LOVE is the focus - putting away the hard feelings, forgiving and looking for and recognizing the good in others. These are Christlike qualities that I need to work on year round.
Christ is LOVE!
 (I do keep this picture of Christ up year round - and I love it.)
Valentines Day is LOVE!
It is another holiday that helps us keep LOVE as our focus in life for a few more days.
Maybe we need a holiday every month or two that will help us do that.
(Here is my box of Valentine Decor waiting to be set up - but it will wait another month before it gets taken out of the box.)

Here is a lovely look.
(So sorry I forgot to link this photo when I found it, and I don't remember where I found it - somewhere on one of my favorite sites, and there are too many to remember.)

I love the book page L O V E and hearts garland,
the ladder with lacey doilies,
the sheer curtains hung in the yard and the sheer fabric draped over the basket ....

and here is an idea - when the Christmas decor is coming down keep the lights handy to use for Valentine garland ...
From Family Chic

These glittery heart lights are really stunning and easy to make.


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