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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Shades

Pink is a great color to spotlight on Valentines Day!
But for me, there is such a thing as too much pink ...
like this look from Meethi Shaaydiyan
(I kept it small because it is just too overwhelming for me)
Brooklyn Bride calls this A Perfect Pair ... and I agree.

hot pink bridesmaids & centerpiece

I found this at Better Decorating Bible, it is lovely.
Pretty in Pink Decorating
Here is a pink kitchen or two from FRESHOME (there are a couple more there too)...
Pink Cupboards ...
Classy Hot Pink Kitchen Decor listed in: kitchen Design   Kitchen Decorative Accessories subject and hobby Lobby subject

or pink walls ...
pink decor kitchen e1287999886892 How to Cure Your Boring Kitchen with Pink
Purple is a great color for Valentines Day too, so how about a purple kitchen?  I found this Lavendar kitchen on Pinterest a while ago.
Painted Cabinets in Lavender with Mint Walls and a Maple Island -- just a look, not a wish for me personally, though it is lovely
I don't plan on making my kitchen pink or purple, but I think they are fun to look at.

Now, how about some red inspiration from Zoe's Wedding Blog
(with white, and a touch of orange)
I love the cloth and tablescape!
As cold as it is here, these mittens from dekrisdesign.com would be as lovely for Valentines day as they are for Christmas.  Stuff them with love to warm the hands and the heart.
 red christmas decor 16
Oh, and don't forget the gold!
from here
LOVE Gold Decor
 and you can't go wrong with a touch of silver with that gold, especially when they come in this form and flavor.
image from here

Mmmm!  That makes me wanna go buy some chocolate!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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